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How can we help?

Label Land allows quick, accurate, cost-efficient identification of anything and anyone, by letting you create:
+  any labels you need,
+  when you need them,
+  where you need them.

What do we do?

Label Land harnesses the power of your PC and your printer – and turns them into a label factory! Labels can feature:
+  numeral, alpha & colour coding,
+  logos, graphics and photos,
+  text and grade-A barcodes.

What do you need?

Basically, all you need is a PC, a printer and internet connection. Label Land even allows for multiple, simultaneous users. No special equipment or training is required; the software is simple and intuitive to use.

How does it work?

Label Land gives you the option of an online solution or desktop solution. You can choose from a huge range of popular label template designs or order custom designed templates to suit your needs. Find out more.

Can you imagine an industry that doesn’t need labels?

In Label Land, we believe the humble label rivals the wheel as mankind’s greatest invention, and we’re providing mankind with the ultimate label-creation technology. From healthcare to the mining industry; accounting to real estate; everyone needs labels to a greater or lesser degree – and Label Land offers the perfect label-making solution for everyone.

Select. Customise. Print. Could it be any easier?

In Label Land, creating labels on demand is easy. Simply enter your data into the relevant fields of our professional looking templates. Data can be entered manually or imported from .xls spreadsheets. We can even supply you with everything from paper stock and lanyards to laminating machines and RFID tracking systems. Ready to discover the ultimate in-office labelling solution?

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