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Create any label you need, in three simple steps:

1 — Select

Login, open a new or saved project, and choose the label template you want to use from the template library or choose from your custom designed templates.

2 — Customise

Enter or import your data into the relevant data fields on your template. Your file indexing identifiers can include one or all of the following:

  • +  Colour coded number and/or alpha characters
  • +  Text fields
  • +  Date
  • +  Barcode
  • +  Graphic or photographic image
  • +  Logo

Your data can be entered manually or imported from .xls spreadsheets.

To include a barcode, simply choose a template design featuring sequential barcodes. You can select from standard template designs or templates that are custom designed by Label Land to meet your needs.

Logos, graphics and photographs can be easily downloaded and entered into the designated data fields provided on the template.

3 — Print

Click the “Print” button.

Screen grabs of software

Screen grabs of software

Screen grabs of software

Order and efficiency, the easy way!

User Friendly

Label Land is easy to set up and use. No special equipment or software installation is required. Only minimal training is needed.
Updated features are delivered automatically online. Simply login and create the labels you need.

Totally Secure

The login/logout procedure is password protected, and your data never leaves your computer.
You can easily add or delete users as required, and set access levels for staff members to ensure security and integrity.

Multiple Users

Does your organisation require labels to be created by multiple departments? No problem. Multiple users can utilise Label Land simultaneously.

Online Or Desktop

Most Label Land users prefer the convenience of our online option. However, if you are unable to connect to the internet, or simply prefer a desktop solution, Label Land DT installs on your PC and can be activated by phone.

Off-The-Shelf Labels

Label Land offers a huge range of popular label templates suitable for most common requirements.
Just choose from our ever-growing library of labels and other media.

Custom Designed Labels

If you require something specific, the helpful experts at Label Land will be glad to create a custom design to suit your needs perfectly.

Exclusive Features

Only Label Land allows you to print high-quality, Grade A ANSI barcodes with no need to download special fonts. Automatic tracking of your label inventory is another handy feature unique to Label Land.

Support Products

For your convenience, Label Land also offers a range of associated products, including:

  • +  Label and card stock
  • +  Lanyards
  • +  Hardback or Clip ID card holders
  • +  LaserBand wristbands
  • +  Hot laminating machines
  • +  Cold self-laminating pouches
  • +  Barcode labels with RFID chip technology

Not just efficient, cost-efficient!

Your once-off licensing/set-up fee gives you unlimited access to Label Land.
Then you purchase ‘click credits’ according to your usage requirements.
One ‘click’ equates to one printed label.

For Pricing Details,
Please Call Us Now!

Ready to access Label Land? Here’s what you need:


  • +  PC
  • +  Suitable inkjet
    or laser colour printer
  • +  Internet connection

System Requirements

  • +  OS: Windows® 98, 98SE, ME,
    200, XP, NT workstation 4.0
    or Vista
  • +  RAM: 64MB or greater
  • +  Browser: Microsoft® Internet
    Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • +  ActiveX: Systems must allow
    for a VeriSign ActiveX control


  • +  Javascript must be enabled
  • +  Label Land recommends
    having cookies enabled

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